Our Purpose

Hello dear readers, welcome to my blog. If you’ve checked out my meet me page(which i suggest you do so if you haven’t) https://semirataa.com/meet-me/, you probably have an idea about who i am and what blogging means to me but not until recently did i find my true purpose and the purpose behind this blog which i am excited to share with you all. So here we go!

“Semirat’s blog will be community where readers can find inspiration and motivation to become their better selves from a common ground of imperfections and vulnerabilities to a higher ground of self love, self acceptance and self appreciation on being enough just we are and loving our neighbor just as we love ourselves and by so doing, healing the world one step at a time”

There you have it guys, so excited for what’s to come. Do watch this space for more amazing contents and i will keep you guys posted. See you in my next one, till then adios!