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Happy Thursday Fam, Welcome to another blogpost and if it’s your first time visiting i am super excited to have you here as always. Today i am going to be addressing the topic as shown above which is something we all feel or have felt from time to time at some point in our lives. I will also be sharing 3 ways that we can become more confident regardless of our insecurities so let’s jump right in shall we?

Before anything else, i would like to share my thoughts on what i believe insecurity is and why we feel it. Insecurity is deeply rooted in fear and inadequacy not only in ourselves but in others, sometimes it’s stems as a result of us not knowing who we are or recognizing our self-worth/image. When we feel insecure about a particular thing or a person, we become less in control and confident which can generate negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, low-self image and self-worth, depression, anxiety and many more.

Often time we feel insecure towards others because we haven’t found the security or confidence in ourselves or rather we place it in the wrong things such as what we have or don’t have and sometimes how we look. As a child, i used to feel very insecure about my body for one i was extremely short and seemed to stop growing about the time everyone around me just started and it’s not that prominent now but i used to have these curved legs that one time i convinced myself boys wouldn’t like me because of it. Trust me as i grew up, more insecurities poped up but i was able to manage them because i kind of became rooted in myself and learnt to accept the things about me that i couldn’t change. This is definitely a topic that i would like to expand more about in another blogpost but for now i am talking about insecurities generally and there are so many ways insecurities can pop up such as in ourselves, others, relationships, work place, our abilities, finances, etc. So here are three ways to look at insecurity to feel more confident

  1. Understand that you are not the only one with your insecurities. When you look around you, everyone might seem confident or look like they have everything going on for them which they probably do but i bet you they are just as insecure about one thing or the other which you are not aware but chose to put their best foot forward and not let their insecurities define them. You also do not have to let your insecurities define you or look down on yourself because of them so when you walk into that room, you might as well raise your head up high because trust me everyone else is doing a great job at it lol.
  2. Understand that you were not born to feel insecure. As a child, you were born innocent and pure but along the way we developed our insecurities due to one reason or the other. It is important for us to find the root cause to our insecurities and in order to do this we need to ask ourselves questions such as what are you insecure about, why, when and how did it start? Did it start as a result of you watching this show where it was said that men love women with bigger bum which you realized that you did not have and began to feel insecure and question your relationship? That is just an example but you need to ask yourself these questions first because when you know where the problem starts its much more easier to find a solution. Sometimes when we ask ourselves these questions, we come to the realization that certain insecurities we have to live with for instance a physical disability or part of our body which we don’t like but have to come to terms with, and love which is definitely a process.
  3. Understand that just as the name implies in-security, it comes from within and the only way to get rid of it starts from within us as well. Yes we can fake it till we make it but that will only get us far to some extent, we need to find security in something or somewhere more solid within us which can be our self worth or inner confidence. When we have reached this level of self, we know that whatever insecurities that pop up in the future we can handle it and it doesn’t get to define us because we are enough regardless of what we go through.
  4. Lastly, we need to understand that sometimes it is okay if we cannot find the security in ourselves because we have our demons that we are fighting and still a working progress. Fortunately for us, all hope is not lost there is great news because we can find it in God. He is the only one that can truly help us become confident and secure that when we place our confidence in him who is ever willing and ever consistent, there is little to no room for doubts or disappointments. I can assure that with time we can draw our security and strength from him, who is within us.

That’s it guys for todays post, let me know your thoughts on this and how you overcame an insecurity of yours. till my next one, Adios


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