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 “wasn’t going to let one person’s opinion dislodge everything i knew about myself”- Michelle Obama

Happy New year Sblog fam, yay we made it to the New year! Hope you guys are doing well and Welcome back to the book club. As usual it is always great to have you guys here for another and first book review of 2019 which i am super excited about. The amazing book we will be reviewing today is as shown in the title above, Becoming by former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama. So without further ado, let’s get started.

My journey with this book was an eye-opener, inspirational and emotional one which kind of enabled me to know the former First lady on a personal level including her happiness, sadness, joys, pains, wins, losses, struggles, disappointments and accomplishments through out her life’s journey. It is a 426 paged non-fiction Auto-biography where the Former first lady gets intimate with us as she writes her story.

The book begins with the humble beginnings of the Former first lady as a child who lived with her close knit family in the South shore neighborhood of Chicago including her mum, dad and brother. She had very supportive parents who kept both kids a priority, her mum always there to listen and guide her through childhood struggles, and dad who was very accommodating. Her parents raised both of them as adults and she learnt early on to be responsible for her actions after all it was her life and she was trusted to live it ideally.

She did exceptionally well with her grades in High school further making it to college at Princeton University, an Ivy league school at the age of 17. Yet, she faced a bit of a challenge as the school was dominantly white male students and less populated with people like her or of her background. She did not let that stop her and described failure as a feeling before it starts deciding within herself to over perform and do well to keep up with and pass people who were more privileged than her which she very much did as a she had her goals set and was working meticulously towards it.

Her love story with Barack Obama started at a law firm where she worked after graduating from Havard law school with him as her mentee. He also started with humble beginnings and as a young man, was already driven with a purpose bigger than his and the care about what people were going through in the community. This only grew bigger and one thing lead to another till he became the President of the United states living Michelle, ever supportive at his side even though admitting that she wasn’t a fan of politics as his First Lady.

This book becomes real as real gets with the former First lady revealing the struggles she had to pass through such as the loss of her father and a close friend. She also spoke about difficulty in giving birth which lead to a miscarriage and also having to give birth to both her girls through IVF. I was in awe as to how she remained courageous and resilient through those times even with her husband having to be away due to his political aspirations.

She also shared her insecurities on times she felt she wasn’t good enough, doubts about her purpose and the hectic schedule of being the First Lady of the United States prior to which she sacrificed multiple family time campaigning for her husband who had burning desire for the American people to make their lives better.

I also found it interesting how she tried not to potray the job of being the First lady an easy job, or how the transition felt uncomfortable to her and her girls with secret service having to follow their every move while trying her very best to bring normalcy to her kids. Yes their lives were a lot better with the luxuries of being in the white house but that also showed that with great reward comes great responsibility and they were both responsible for the lives of millions of Americans which they did a great job at.

This is not a political book, but she wasn’t afraid to make it known on how she felt about the Republicans, unsupporters, and the media jumping at every opportunity to spoil their image or pass a wrong message about them which left her at the beginning miserable but she got used to it as she said “the higher you get the more haters you have”.

That’s it guys with the end of the review and this is a book you definitely want to read. Kindly leave your comments below and let me know your thought on this. Till next time, adios!




  1. Okay and that’s a good review… Respect that💯…#waiting for the next review😊


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