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Hello Sblog fam, how are you all doing? Welcome back to the blog, it’s always great to have you guys here both new and existing readers. I want to use this opportunity to say i really do appreciate the love shown by you guys to this blog, thank you all for taking time out of your special lives to read and comment on here, much love and God bless.

So, The year has finally come to an end and yay i had to celebrate it with you all by dedicating this blogpost to sharing lessons learnt from this amazing year, and how i am willing to channel those lessons into the new year. I am also excited because i will be doing a giveaway on this blog which will be my first just so you guys how much i appreciate y’all, and you have my best wishes for the New year!. More details on the giveaway will be at the end of this blogpost so make sure you read to the end and without wasting any more time, let’s get started already shall we?

My journey with 2018 has been a rollercoaster of a ride, and as always life doesn’t fail to take you through all these motions where one minute it’s all good and the next minute it’s like oh no not again. Fortunately enough we can always move on from our negative experiences just like singer Ariana grande said “thank you next” but before we say “next”, we have to embrace and learn from our experiences most especially our mistakes so it can propel us into positive growth especially with the start of the New year. So here are the lessons I learnt in 2018 and how i am channeling it into the New year which you can too!


Love of God: In 2018, i had certain negative experiences such as the loss of a loved one which questioned my faith and made me mad and less willing to serve God but through those experiences i was able to realize that God is good. Everything he does in my life, your life he does it for a reason. He has unconditional love for us irregardless of  what we do, so i learnt to have that same unconditional for him irregardless of what i go through. So 2019 is to loving my abba unconditionally and having total faith in him.

Love of Self: This is something i have been very open about on how i did not always value myself or love myself which lead to low self esteem, image, worth and people pleasing. I loved myself based on what i accomplished or how people saw me or liked me which had a very negative effect on me mentally. Towards the end of 2018, i learnt how to love myself in such an amazing way and know that i am good enough irregardless of my accomplishments. It is definitely a process but 2019 is to loving myself more unconditionally.

Love of Others: Once you begin to love yourself, you begin to love other people more genuinely. When you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is by being honest and true to them and to yourself too. I learnt to become more open and transparent with people, to develop empathy and understand that no one is perfect. 2019 is to showing love to others like i love myself


Patience with God: Faith is actually a big thing I learnt in 2018. I have learnt to walk by faith and not by sight. The one thing most people do not know is when you have unshakable faith in God, he makes things work out for your good everytime along the way. When we go to God in our prayers, we need to have faith that it’s going to work out and have the patience to let it manifest in  our lives. 2019 is to having total faith in God that it is going to be an amazing year and the patience to let him work it out because, “just because it seems like nothing that doesn’t mean God isn’t up to Something”

Patience with self: I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons I had low self esteem was when I would do certain things that I believed in and it would come out negative. I also spoke negative word to myself which was also very harmful.  I learnt that once I began to have patience with myself, I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes and I can always try again. When you have patience with yourself, you know that growth is a process and compare yourself less and less to people around you. I learnt that patience with self is a virtue and I am willing to practice that more with myself in the new year 2019

Patience with Others: 2018 taught me only not to be patient with myself but also with others. I have learnt to not be judge-mental with other people and it’s amazing because the best relationships i have today was built also on patience. Carrying that  same energy to 2019 is a must


Pain of the Past: I learnt not to allow the pain of my past experiences affect my present and my future. Sometimes we get so hurt by the past that we keep playing it over an over again or we just ignore it altogether when all we need to do when we feel hurt or pain is to face it in a healthy way and move on. 2019 is to waxing on strong and letting the sleeping dogs of my past lie.

Pain of the Present: I also learnt in 2018 that pain is temporary and that tough situations do not last but tough people do. Whenever i went through pain i would feel so terrible and miserable. I thank God that i owe my painful experiences of the past to the strong woman i have today. Whenever i go through pain i also go to God to seek refuge in him because he is the best one to help. 2019 is to enduring painful situations and allowing it to shape me into stronger person

Pain of the Future: Our Present actions determine ur future. I learnt that when i endure pain from my past and present, i am better equipped to handle painful situations in the future but still remain optimistic about the future. Pain is an inevitable part of us being humans and will arise at certain period of our lives but till we must be optimistic about the future. 2019 is to optimism

There you have it guys, last post of 2018 and i hope you learned something valuable. Now let’s move on to the exciting part which is the GIVEAWAY!!, I will be giving away 5 of this non-dated planner by Valarie burton which is an author i really love and books I’ve read. I really wanted to give you guys something that would be useful towards the new year and non-dated planners felt just right to plan your year. I like the fact that it is non-dated which makes it very flexible and with quotes to empower you daily.

All you have to do to cop this planner is to follow me on Instagram @semirataa and reply to my story and Winners will be announced next coming week. Have an amazing and blessed New year celebrations, happy new year and Till next time, adios!


  1. I love this ❤️


  2. You are such a beautiful writer. Such a beautiful blog and I will definitely be checking in more❤️


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