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Hello Sblog fam, welcome to another blog post from the book club. it’s great to have you guys here as always and ho ho ho it’s the Christmas season!!. Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. In today’s post as you already know based on the title, i will be doing a short very personal review of my top 5 favorite life changing books of the already concluding year of 2018 and ways in which these books have changed my life a great deal so let’s get started already shall we?

5. PERSONALITY PLUS BY FLORENCE LITTAUER: This book right here was a life changer and came handy at a time when i was struggling to find out who i was and why i did certain things. It taught me about the uniqueness of myself as a person and other people too. For example, through this book i was able to find out that i am introverted which is why my energy level will not last as long as someone who is extroverted in certain situations and also something called “peaceful phlegmatic”  which is explained more in the book but in summary is a subtle powerful personality. Even though i am still on a journey to discovering myself, this book helped a great deal on shedding the light.

4. THE CONFIDENT WOMAN BY JOYCE MEYER: This book is so amazing that i still refer to it till this day on days when i am feeling less confident or courageous. Stepping out of our comfort zone can sometimes become a terrifying experience due to the fear of the unknown  or the fear of failing. Many a times have i felt this way and felt less confident about achieving my goals but this book motivates me and inspires me every time with bible references that i can break the boundaries of my fear and reach my full potential to become the woman whom God created me to be  which is a confident, courageous and purpose-filled woman.

3. POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING BY NORMAN VINCENT PEALE: As a man thinketh, so shall he be”. This is a book that i would say has helped me become more positive inclined even in the most negative situations and has made me understand the power of speaking “life” into my life and speaking things i want into existence if i just believe. With the negativity going on in our environment, the society and the world at large it can become very easy to become caught up with it that we not only become negative with others but also with ourselves. This book has helped me to draw out the positivity from within me to make life better for myself and for others.

2. 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON’T DO BY AMY MORIN: I reviewed this book earlier in the book club and i am still amazed with this book here. I found this book randomly and till this day i believe God made me discover this book at the right time when i was at an all time low mentally, emotionally and physically. This book showed me how too cope with certain pains and how to rise up after my downfall. I will forever be grateful to this book here.

1. THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION BY BERNÉ BROWN: This book right here is topping my list today because it has massive positive changes in my life. I used to feel very insufficient with low self-esteem and self-image because i felt that i wasn’t enough or needed to do more or be more to value myself as a person which made me not really like myself and lead me to people pleasing. This book taught me how to live wholeheartedly by understanding that i am enough just as i am and by being compassionate with myself in times of failure or negativity. It basically thought me self-love which has helped me love others more naturally and genuinely.

That’s it guys for my top 5 life changing books of 2018. i have always said that every book i read is like a journey with that book leading me to someplace, somewhere. These books all lead me to the betterment of myself as a person which i am very grateful for. Let me know which books you’ve read this year that has changed you as a person, do comment below thanks and till my next one, adios!

9 comments on “TOP 5 LIFE CHANGING BOOKS OF 2018

  1. Hello Sblog fam, feel free to leave a comment on the books you’ve read this year that had a positive impact in your life. Thank you for the support and have a wonderful holiday❤️


  2. This is a wonderful post. Think and grow rich by napoleon hill is the book that changed my life this year. Thanks


  3. 48 laws of Power by Robert Greene. Amazing book!


  4. Lol! You need some magic of thinking big! 2. No matter what 3. Dynamic people skills!


  5. How can I get this book semirat and I hope u can still recognise me?


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