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There were girls and there was crazy. Bound in a world where her life was not hers, her body built for scars. They took everything, nothing nothing left her identity fading in front of her eyes.

The beast are coming run run for your lives, they run only to fall into the very same hands. Hands what hands, the very same hands that killed mother, husband and child. 

Hands that force themselves up against her thighs, that bruises in exchange for affection. Hands that spills blood and still claims to touch God, no not my God

Everything they stood against, even a whole nation couldn’t come to their rescue. Powerful too powerful, there was no escape until God had to take up their case

Finally they are out, a shadow of their very own selves, where do they start from they have nobody but themselves. Still they count themselves blessed, among the great multitude of deaths, here they are with solid breaths

Forced into marriage at young ages, there was no option in carrying her killer’s child. Near death experiences and witnessing brutal deaths in the most horrible form she lived with the guilt of the multiple lost loved ones she couldn’t shield . 

Their experiences were unimaginable but it made them stronger.. stronger than the demons themselves whom seemed to have forgotten that their judgment is not here on earth but in the hands of a Mighty God whose power exceeds theirs in uncountable folds. 

Link to full post: https://semirataa.com/2018/11/12/book-review-2-stolen-girls-by-wolfgang-bauer/



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