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Hands that force themselves up against her thighs, that bruises in exchange for affection. Hands that spills blood and still claims to touch God, no not my God”- Semirataa

Hey loves, welcome back to my blog/book club. It’s always great to have you guys here as usual and today I am back with another book review yay! I will be diving into this book as shown in the title which is a non-fiction 154 pages book and let me tell you, I am still having mixed emotions about it because the whole journey with this book was an emotional roller coaster phew. I will be spilling the tea about the book and most especially how it made me feel. The poem at the beginning of this blogpost kind of set the tone and reveals a bit on how I felt, I will leave a link to the concluding part at the ending of this post. So stay tuned and now let’s begin shall we?

A lot of you might ask, why so deep I mean it’s just a book and she’s just giving a book review. Well the answer is simple, human connection. I remember like it was yesterday, a few years back before I came to the United States to be precise April 2014. The news came out while I was at school that 276 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram (a terrorist group) in the North of the country(Nigeria). I lived at the south at that time and I remember how I felt then. I was shocked, scared, curious and deeply sorry for the girls. I kept asking myself what they would do to the girls and what if their next target was my state or even my school, the thought alone got me sick to my stomach.

Wolfgang Bauer did justice to this book and the moment I picked it up, I knew it would have the answer to my question of what happened to the girls. yes it might not be pleasant but I was willing to take the risk. He had the opportunity to interview the girls who were kidnap by Boko Haram which are an ISIS like terrorist group that are known to have absurd religious beliefs and base it on the reason they go about their killings, kidnapping and terrorism. They kidnap young girls and either kill or force the young men to join their army. The girls interviewed by Wolfgang were amongst the few fortunate enough to tell their story.

It was surprising to learn that these girls were not amongst the Chibok school girls, Boko Haram came to their villages after the kidnap of the school girls, How sad! The girls tells the stories of their simple lives in their villages before the attack of boko Haram, the unimaginable situations and things they passed through and the aftermath of how it changed the course of their lives forever.

In between the interviews, Wolfgang Bauer gives more information about the history of Boko Haram and how they started as a peaceful Islamic group to the point that they became monsters of nations. He talked about their collaborations with other international organizations terrorists groups and how the Nigerian police force tried to get rid of them or rescue the girls to no avail. He also adds to the book bold and scenic pictures of the girls like the one on the cover, You could see the pain and suffering in their eyes.

Should you read this book? Maybe you should! This book would not only inform you of yet another injustice going on with women in this world but also serve as a reminder to you on how blessed you are to be where you are and the live you have compared to these girls. There is still so much unsaid, you should definitely get the book and read the whole poem here:  Till my next post, adios!



  2. This is very nice


  3. Wow.. amazing story. Good job with the review


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