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Hello dear readers,

    Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be introducing something new which will be me reviewing this lovely book that I just read. Since I’ve always been a day one avid book reader whom people usually from time to time request my opinion on what books to go for and not to go for, I decided why not do a book review on my blog so that i can give readers a honest take on what i feel about certain books that I read and then you can decide for yourself if you want to get them or not. Firstly a disclaimer, I am not a professional book critic instead i am just a person who loves reading and has certain opinions based on knowledge garnered over a period of time. So let’s proceed now shall we? Here’s a short and honest review of the book!

     Did you lose a loved one? are you afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone?  are you constantly comparing yourself to others? are you jealous of other people’s success or constantly trying to please? do you always beat yourself up and feel sorry for yourself? are you stuck in the past or certain past experiences? do you feel entitled that the world owes you something? are you impatient when you dont get the immediate results you want? and more, this is a book you definitely have to read! 13 things mentally strong people don’t do is a 272 paged non-fiction and personal development book written by author Amy Morin who is also a licensed clinical social worker, college psychology instructor and psychotherapist. It’s genre includes personal development and non-fiction which are my favorite genres to read and the whole book kind of went in depth towards that direction (personal development) which I really liked.

When I got the book, my first impression was that it was just another self – help book that showed you 13 ways to do this and that period but as I went on reading I was so fascinated with the book that I did not want to stop reading. Throughout the book, the author connected with her readers by sharing her personal life experiences and real life case study’s from people whom she counseled as a psychotherapist by increasing their mental strength in certain areas of their lives.

I personally connected with the book or author in the first few pages of the introduction where the author told a short story about losing her mum suddenly and how she struggled to move on and she eventually did which was a phase I recently went through myself. She also wrote powerful stories of people who made their way up to success from unspeakable conditions which were all very inspiring.

Another way the author created engagement for the readers was by creating checklist for each chapters which looked like this: Here the readers could check off the sentences that related to them and become aware of where they are at the moment which is like the first step. Then the author goes on to share amazing strategies, practices and stories relating to the chapter topic before ending the chapter with three more subheadings to summarize the whole chapter and to show what steps to take next and what to discard. I find it very helpful that the author summarizes the chapter at the end just incase the reader misses some main insights while reading or if you’re too lazy to read the whole chapter, you could just skip to the last three pages of the chapter (which i would not advise by the way lol).

Finally ya’ll, like i mentioned earlier this is a book i would recommend you to read. It’s very unique and authentic as the author knows what she’s writing about because she helps people for a living as a therapist so are techniques are proven and tested even though we are all uniquely different. Importantly, like ever other self-help book, this book will be totally useless if you are not willing to practice the life changing techniques mentioned by the author and you might as well not buy the book. Otherwise, this book will change your life if you do practice the techniques, which is where I am currently at as a matter of fact reading the book all over again for better for better understanding.

Well that’s it guys with my review! kindly comment below, let me know if this is a book you are willing to buy and what you thought about this review if it was helpful. thanks and till my next post. Adios!

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