What goes on behind the screen, I can never know for certain. All that i see to be true, if it wasn’t i never knew. feel the pain deep down, all I have on my face is a frown. How well is she doing, Living her best life I see Behind my screen

Her life is so glamorous, Mine so tedious. Her clothing, the best designers. Mine does not compare to her least finest. What a luxurious life she’s living out here, sometimes I wonder if we breathe the same air. wish I was the lady on the screen! From behind my screen in depression I scream 

But behold my dear friend do not compare for thy do not know what goes on over there. The screen is all you see, You cannot believe everything you see. Do not change yourself to become anyone else. Know thyself, love thyself. Let the lady in the screen remain in the screen, let you remain in you.

Lady in the screen, me behind my screen, have learnt to screen. Because not all what I see, have truly seen. That said and seen, remain happy for my lady in the screen.

I am basically just a girl who acknowledges writing as a source of inspiration and loves expressing myself through it

3 comments on “POEM #1- BEHIND THE SCREEN

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  2. Thank you for this poem….learnt a lot…..more grease to your elbow…God bless 😄😄😍😍


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