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BEHIND THE SCREEN (who else are you comparing yourself to on social media?)


Hello dear readers!

Welcome back to my blog, its great to have you back and i am excited to share what today’s blog post is going to be about with you all which you probably already have an idea of based on the title. So without further a due let’s proceed now shall we..

Social media has become something else, it has become more evolved and some of us spend most of our lives on it without even being aware. I know this as a matter of fact that i am not alone on this one but how many times have you scrolled down your favorite social media only to come across this perfect picture of someone you know or don’t know in a perfect place (like a vacation or something) and this person just looks so happy and perfect.

How did you feel at that moment? Did you find that you are comparing yourself to that person or is it already normalized to you that you don’t even realize it? Let’s be honest here please.

Comparison on social media is real. While some people do it less often, others do it excessively which could cause an array of problems.. few of the problems that comparing yourself to others on social media can cause is:

  1. It can cause a feeling of inadequacy or low self esteem where you begin to think that you are not good enough as you are or you need to be that person or have what they have in order to be important
  2. It can lead to jealousy and resentment as you see this person being in a place where you’re not yet at which could lead to stalking or internet trolling.
  3. It can lead to you playing catch up especially if you know this person personally and instead of moving at your own pace, you are trying to compete for the (imaginary) golden prize which could cause financial problems, emotional distress and mental issues

Coming from being a chronic comparisoner(if that was a word) to being where i am now. I can definitely confess to you guys that comparison takes toll on your life. Sometimers you just have to step back, become more aware and come into the realization that comparison takes you from being yourself into becoming someone else. you don’t want to become that person i tell ya.

So i am going to give you guys Top 3 tips that helped me to become more aware of what i was doing on social media to the point where my chronic comparison got to a reduction and stopped completely. First disclaimer guys, it doesn’t happen overnight and its a gradual process.

As you keep on with these tips you will get to a point where you no longer compare yourself to that person but just become happy for them and instead of negativity its just positive vibes. How great will that be? keeping it short and  simple, here are my 3 tips:

  1. Know that you are good enough just as you are. No, not when you have that car or house, not when you become this person or that person. you are good enough as you are. When we link our self worth or esteem to commodities, its easier to become insecure when we see others with those things. So you need to come to the realization that you are good enough as you are and not what you have.
  2. Become more aware of what you do on social media. Since our mind is so programmed to compare when we come across these pictures or post, most times we can’t help it But i need you to know now that you can become in control of your mind in such a way that you reprogram it to think good thoughts instead of evil. So whenever you come across such, say to yourself “I am happy for this person” and scroll. I Repeat say “i am happy for this person” and scroll. This way you are affirming it to yourself and convincing your subconscious mind that you are truly happy. if you want to be extra you can comment some nice or encouraging words.
  3. Lastly, if these two aren’t helping out in no way get off social media for a couple of months. take time off to become more in tune with yourself and your environment. if social media is your main source of income(Business) and you have to be present, tell a family or a friend to help out and give yourself time to recuperate.

I need you all to realize that social media is not real. The life  you see others display might not be the life they are living. Most people are trying to play catch up and very few people are true to themselves. Do not compare your truth to someone else’s lies but only compare yourself to the person you were.Work towards improving yourself.

i hope i have been able to add value to you guys with these tips. Here is a link to a short poem for the post down below your thoughts and kindly subscribe to the blog if you haven’t to get updates of my latest posts. thanks and see you in my next one adios!

2 comments on “BEHIND THE SCREEN (who else are you comparing yourself to on social media?)

  1. Lovely post and very helpful 👍🏽


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