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What a great Time to be Alive. Welcome!

In 5..4..3..2..1…we’re back!

Hello dear readers, welcome back to my blog. It feels great to be back to the blogging experience with you all after being m.i.a since forever , and i am so excited to kind of catch up with you guys on what’s been going on, hopefully you get to pick up one or two things from this blog post which is always my goal as usual.

So I am going to guess that you guys already have a vibe on what today’s gist is going to be about based on the title.. I mean it is such a beautiful day today, the weather is nice most of the time because its autumn which i would say for me is a combination of both summer and winter and, summer is officially over and all we can do now is reminisce over the good ol’ days of basking in the summer sun and lying down on the hot sands of the beach.  So tell me, how did your summer go? Mine wasn’t so great and it just sucked a bit that I did not get to do all the fun stuffs that you know most people do during  summer whereas social media does not fail to remind you of that(especially Instagram)..Ahem. On the contrary this was one of the not so good I mean worst summers I ever had, bad things happened and I had so much going on you know.. life! That just goes to show the unpredictability of life, you want things to go right and then bam! it goes left.. we’ve all been there right? yup, I have a feeling we all have.

That said, do you believe in God?, I mean if you do not, no offense I do not what you are doing but speaking for myself I really do. I have never known God to be a God of disappointments but at a certain point of my life, I felt like he disappointed me and did  me wrong. We’ve all been through situations where we expect God to come through to help us out of that which we face because we have faith and it’s good, but then its entirely another test of faith when we hold steady in our faith and it seems like he’s not going to come  through.That was how I felt at one point in my life which got me throughly shaken to my very core because unexpected things happened even with unshakable faith. So I began to ask myself questions like “what then, is too much faith in him bad?” or “Maybe it’s not the best expecting the good”.

Suddenly, you probably saw this coming didn’t you? I fell into a depression. A depression shared between my heart torn apart because of losing the only person I knew In my life as my hero, my  backbone, my everything and the confusion of being an optimist (expecting and having faith in the best to happen)or a pessimist (expecting the worst to happen). During this time, I got mad at him and did not want to reason with anything anyone said but not for long! I mean he is the very reason for my existence, the only heavenly father I know, I can’t stay mad at him because he’s the only one that can truly help me. As a kid, I got mad at my parents a gazillion times and forgave them more than gazillion times lol, you probably did too. So then I got closer to him than I ever did before and it probably took me a while but I eventually realized that God is a good God, Nothing he ever does is bad. What ever he does, he does it because its right, it’s time and we all need to witness it and learn, to learn a lesson of life. Yes I was broken bad but I wasn’t destroyed because God was there, he was right there to bring me back and make me even better than I was. Most importanty I did learn, I certainly did.

So what if my summer wasn’t pleasant, I mean what if it was the worst? What if I spent the most of it in a depression comparing myself to people I dont even know? Great now its down to what next! I need you guys to remember nothing lasts forever, seasons change, the sun rises and set and whatever you are going through will also pass just as we will also pass away from this earth one day to meet our maker and creator.  Can I promise you that things will always change for the better or that the next phase of your life, or my life is going to be great, a big fat no, hell I can’t even promise myself a great spring or winter or even next year summer but one thing I can surely do is to pray and hope for the best. Isn’t it great to be alive where regardless of the negatives that is going on around us, in our country, our neighborhood, our lives, the lives of those we love, we can always be positive and optimistic for a better day and better future. We can move on with faith knowing that God is going to come through and whatever the outcome, we can live with it and learn from it because he is good.

So to answer the question I asked earlier, “is having too much faith in him bad”. Of course not, why dread the future when you can have happiness and peace knowing that you have your faith rested on God(thankfully not man.. whew) and that he’s got you every time over and over again all your life. It’s the best feeling ever.

Do you agree? Can you relate? Kindly comment below. Thanks and see you in my next one. Adios!



1 comment on “What a great Time to be Alive. Welcome!

  1. darmeethegreat

    I love this write up. Keep it up!!!
    Thumbs up👍


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