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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. It’s Tuesday and I’m excited about it! Today’s post is more of a motivational one and I feel like I should have dropped it yesterday because Monday for some reason feels like the best day to drop some motivation, hashtag motivational Monday.. you get it? lol, but at the same time I feel like there isn’t really a right time to get motivated because anything can happen anytime and maybe you just need a little bit of motivation for that extra push and people..I’m all in for that! To be honest, most of the time when I post stuffs, not only do I expect it to have a positive impact on you guys but it also does have an impact on me as well. I am not perfect and I also seek some motivation from time to time and one of the ways I do that is reading through my post which is weird in a way but awesome!.So guys, to stop beating around the bush, here are some motivation and food for thoughts that I would be leaving with you guys, hopefully it has a positive impact and you learn a thing or two. I will see you gives in my next post.. till then, adios!

“Never try to please everyone, you just might end up being wrong and become stuck in your kindness. Always speak out for what you want, it’s better to speak the truth than live in a lie. One lie told will multiply to multiple lies, even with good intention, a lie is a lie. Always follow your heart even if the situation leads, always be firm but also be considerate. Never let people see your weakness always be strong, because people may use your weakness against you, reveal your weakness to the everlasting God who forever leads. Pour your heart to him and he will lead you to the right path. With him, you’ll be stronger than ever and the world will see the light inside of you shine brighter than ever. Always speak up for what you want, always act right no excuse. Excuses is just another lay man’s way of putting what could be done today to never. Start taking action because a decision isn’t really one without action, action speaks louder than word and words without action is baseless. Always be good at heart and have integrity, your word and integrity is all that you’ve got. Once it’s gone, trust is gone. Never try to sugarcoat things because nothing stays sweet forever, only to turn sour. Speak the truth for the truth will set you free, yes it might make you seem like a bad person but it will set you free. Small lie, big lie, all is lie. Small lie eventually add up to be a big lie, trust yourself and people will trust you. Do unto others as you want others to do to you. Put God first in everything you do, a life without God is like living without oxygen. God is the way and the light.” – SEMIRAT



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