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Hey guys, it’s me again and I am so glad to be back blogging with you all. I know its been a while, so I just want to welcome you guys back to my blog and welcome me back too(lol).  Even though its been forever and seemed like I disappeared  from my blog site(which I’ll admit I stylishly did),I just want to assure you guys that nothing has changed really andI am still a girl with the passion for writing, and inspiring my followers and subscribers any way I can and as usual I hope you learn one or two things from this post today. Oh, I also want to wish you all a happy new year.  Even though the year is more than a quarter away, I wish you all of the good luck in the world. With the way things are going and happening all around us, we most definitely need all of the good luck we can get.

Speaking of good luck, that is what I am hoping for now that I am going to be back to being active on here. If you’ve been following on my blog in the past, you’d know that I keep it real 100%. I not only post inspirationals and stuff, I also express my feelings, thoughts and welcome any comments and opinions you all have for me, cool right?! Coming back here for me was a bit of a struggle, not only because I had been away for long and was skeptical about how things would go but also because I got a lot of negative vibes from certain people. I was told that people would have lost interest in my blog and that I would probably not attract the public to my blog because it wasn’t professionally built and stuff. I was also told to delete my blog and probably start another one when I had enough finance to build a more a professional blog. Let me tell you, people will have opinions in your business based on their perspective even if it least concerns them. You know what you want so you don’t need to pay attention to them or give them the satisfaction by doing whatever they think is right for you. Do what is right for you, yes you might not get to where you want as soon as you want, the road might be rough and you might make mistakes or fall apart at some point, it’s okay. Learn from your mistakes and imply whatever you learnt into achieving your goal and what you want.

I love blogging and it has always been my dream to own a successful blog, so it was kind of depressing when people said all those negative things. I kept thinking, what if they were right,What if people won’t get attracted to my blog and its content, do I just trash my dream of owning a successful blog?. I had so much doubts but then I remembered the promise I made to myself when I started this blog that no matter what happens, this blog would be the one. This would be a blog that I would grow by being consistent and creative, a blog that I would nuture to the top irrespective of challenges I face. I was just like some of you here, I gave up easily, I mentioned in a previous blog post how I had owned and deleted a bunch of blog sites before this one because they weren’t going as I wanted and I gave up on them easily which I do regret now. Based on that I made up my mind to stick with this blogsite and watch it grow hopefully. With that I’d like to share a quote I heard a lot while growing up which I would never forget. it says ” being a loser is not by failing, but by giving up.A true winner never gives up after a fall but picks himself up after each fall”. That is what I hope to abide by and you should too.

We learn from our mistakes and I guess I also learnt from mine. I realized that me being away from blogging was a mistake. A big mistake. Hoping for better change in myself and my blog, I decided to halt my blogging activities till things got better, and till I was in a better position to improve things in my blog generally.What I realized even though at a much latter time is that you just don’t hope on things to get better instead you hope, and work towards change. Just hoping is like gambling because things might work out or things might not. I know we all love change(positive) but the truth behind it is that in order to see positive change, you have to work  towards it and see where it goes. Even though the change I hoped for hasn’t manifested, I realized my mistake now and am willing to work towards the change I want. Am I one bit ashamed that the change I want is yet happen, No not one bit. Instead I am determined to create the change I want. My comeback is not a comeback of shame but a come back of fufilment i.e to fulfill my dreams and hopes for my blog. I hope you all begin to work towards the change you want and hope for. Stir away from negativity and stay on the positive. I hope you learnt one or two things from this post. Do have a great night and stay positive!. I’ll catch you all in my next post.

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