The bridge was meant to draw us together and connect our hearts,instead it created differences and eventually tore us apart.This is a Story about two lovers,living opposite each other with a large ocean in between,they built a bridge and agreed to meet there every night.This was like a tradition they followed and nothing could stop them from seeing each other every night.On a certain day,they had a hot argument and each both decided never to see each other again,even though both knew what their heart wanted.Deep inside their heart,they still loved each other but pride wouldn’t let any of them say it.Everynight,each would go to the side of the bridge and look at it with a sad face wishing to go see the other but wouldn’t do it.Eventually,the boy reached out to the girl and asked for both of them to meet up at their normal spot on the bridge to talk things out.The girl became very happy and accepted to meet with the boy.Hastily,the boy got there on time and waited for the girl at the time they agreed on while the girl on the other side anxiously ran out of the house to meet with the boy.Not looking at her steps carefully,she accidentally stepped on a very sharp object which caused her to bleed profusely.She shouted loudly but the boy  was so far,he couldn’t hear.Due to the love she had for the boy in her heart,she strived to walk to the middle of the bridge even with blood gushing profusely out of her leg.The boy on the other hand waited for a while and became frustrated and angry thinking the girl played and fooled him to not show up.He became so angry that he went down the bridge on his side,broke down the bridge and vowed never to speak or have anything to do with the girl ever again.The girl eventually got to the middle of the bridge and couldn’t find the boy and seeing the other side of the bridge broken,she knew he must’ve showed up and gone.Heartbroken and weak from the gushing blood,she broke her own side of the bridge while lying on it,fell into the water and died.Few days later,the boy heard of the girls death on the side of her broken bridge with blood all over it and figured out that he betrayed the girl instead,and almost immediately he died due to shock and guilt.That ended the love story between the lovers and the bridge of love turned out to become a broken bridge due to the impatience and pride of the two lovers.

Hope you enjoyed the story,kindly like comment and check out my last post for DIY choker ideas that could make your Halloween costume slay.Thanks

2 comments on “BROKEN BRIDGE

  1. Heart Felt….. 💓💝💓💖
    This is just so lovely…. Heart felt story…
    You see “Patience is needed in every Places and Issues in which we all find ourselves” and also “Because things are not going the way we want shouldn’t make us have a misconception of it” so “we should strive for Patience and See the Good in Anything that come our way”..
    Applicable to the real world


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