There it layed,comfortable and soft unto my skin.I chose it because I knew it wouldn’t disturb and would stay put and fit right where I placed it.Even though I placed it in a place that was very delicate to me and my life,I was rest assured that it wouldn’t hurt a bit and I trusted to to do its job,which is to stay in place and attract,Unfortunately I was wrong.Taking advantage of us being in a quiet and narrow street,it began to suck slowly and unnoticeable.I felt an itch on my skin and checked to see if it had betrayed my trust,and alas i saw something much worse.Blood ran from my neck through my body.Staining the perfect cloth I wore and my shoes which i struggled so hard to get.It kept on sucking and sucking till I could hardly breath and could feel my the air inside my lungs decrease.I tried to scream but the words weren’t coming out,I tried to walk but my legs felt tired and weak.It choke out the remaining life I had in me and I regretted I trusted it so much to please.O choker,I trusted you so much,why did you have to choke the life out of me..WHY?

WhO else is into chokers,like I am a big fan and THAT(the first paragraph,was intended to scare you guys a little)which I hope it did,and kindly comment below to let me know your reaction.If you’re offended in anyway,I am so sorry but we are in the Halloween spirit and I just couldn’t help myself.I even had to stay up late so I could post this at this late hour which is almost twelve by the way(due to different time zones).So if you are also into chokers like i am,i will post below different diy(do-it-yourself)ideas that you can do at home and also for Halloween.

THE ELASTIC TATOO CHOKER                                        PHOTO CREDIT INSTAGRAM@Osato_osemwota.This choker is pretty simple to make and the materials used are also less expensive which you could get at a materials store or drugstore. Materials you need:elastic jewelry cord,scissors,choker hooks(which you can ask for),and a fire source(optional).

STEPS:Cut the cord(depending on how long you want the choker to be or your neck size). •Clip the cord unto a clipboard or hardcover book to stay. •Start looping as shown below(like you are tying a shoe lace except one side of the loop is straight and the other curvedimg_2934-2•Continue looping as shown below   •tie the ends after inserting it in a choker hook,or burn it.You can do this to a double or triple step.Done!There you have your tattoo elastic choker.

DENIM CHOKERPHOTO CREDIT Instagram @kaykayonyeobi Materials:denim material or cloth(or that old Jean you’ve had in your wardrobe the whole time),pair of scissors,hook and eye or buttons.

STEPS:Cut the demin material or trouser,see the ends and lastly install the hook and eye to keep it firm on your neck or creat a button hole on the denim and install the button.Simple and easy.Now you don’t just rock denim but denim Chokers yh.

LACE CHOKERSPHOTO CREDIT INSTAGRAM@lilian_ada Materials:Pretty lace material,pair of scissors,choker hook,button,elastic rubber.

STEPS:cut the lace to the size of your neck to determine the length.sew the ends to become smooth,install the hook,button(with button-hole),elastic rubber,chain hook or simply just intertwine it firmly at the back.You can do this with different clothing materials like velvet,chiffon,etc.

WRAP CHOKERPHOTO CREDIT @bisousnatasha.com Materials:string/cord,glue,gold band,pair of scissors,toothpick

•STEPS:cut the length of the string or cord with the scissors to how long you want the choker to be. •Get you glue and  use the toothpick to apply it in between the gold band. •Use the toothpick again to insert the string into the gold band and let it dry. •Wrap around your neck and style any how you want or like in the picture above.Voila,you’re done.You could also do a single choker and insert charms and a broach,or go double.Either way,you slay

CUSTOMIZED HALLOWEEN CHOKER.PHOTO CREDIT INSTAGRAM @faith_treasure •You could also cut a piece(if you could risk it),from your Halloween costume,sprinkle blood or whatsoever on it and make a choker out of it with any of the steps above or get any matching material to make one,and you’re all ready to slay for Halloween.HAPPY HALLOWEEN yall,have fun,rock that outfit and scare the life out of somebody😈😈.    Kindly check in tomorrow for my reply to the daily post..Thanks.#muah

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