Yummy Wednesday😋😋

Hy guys..it’s Wednesday and I am so excited because I got to eat the sweetest cakes ever baked.My aunt came around and she’s a professional..trust me✌🏼️.So therefore due to that fact,today’s gonna be all about that dough and this article is going to be for the bakers,people that love to bake,people that love cakes and cookies and anything made with flour,if this is you,Please Enjoy.By the way guys,I just want to thank you all for your love and support.Heres a yummy poem😋 for you guys.The person who says it faster wins!

Betty Butter Bought Some Butter,But She Said The Butter Is Bitter,If I Put It In My Batter,It Will Make My Batter Bitter,But a Bit Of Better Butter,That Will Make My Batter Better,So She Bought a Bit Of Butter,Better Than Her Bitter Butter, And She Put It In Her Batter,And Her Batter Was Not Bitter,So It Was Better Betty Butter,Bought a Bit Of Better Butter For Her Bitter Batter.

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