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Just move on!

Hy guys,it’s Wednesday and Wednesdays on my blog are all about relationships and Entertainmant,and today which is Relationships based is going to be all about moving on.When it comes to moving on,life never fails to throw us situations were we get to move on from a certain situation of inconvenience to a better or convenient place.Unfortunately,some people get the chance to move on,but due to the fear of it,decide to remain stagnant in that place of inconvenience.In all relationships,they are bound to be misunderstandings but the great thing about this is that a relationship based on love,will always find its way to each other and come back much stronger.What can we say about a relationship that is filled with abuse,manipulation,violence,intimidation and unhealthy.Some individuals in this relationship still think that such relationship is based on love,Hell no!.A man who hits you,abuses you,disrespects you,manipulates your mind dosen’t love you irrespective of what you think it is.Alot of young and older women experience this in their relationships,not only women alone but men including.These people get manipulated by their partner into thinking that they are no better without them and that no one would want them,love them or appreciate them,or that without them,their life would be good as useless or irrelevant.As a woman,I deserve to be respected,loved and to find love.I am beautiful and should be appreciated,but a lot of women have been manipulated into thinking that they are at the best place that can be and that the world holds nothing for them.Some women get stuck up in this kind of relation for different reasons,some because of fear,low self-esteem,and the feeling of inferiority.These women are scared to move on due to the manipulation into thinking no one would want them and become dependent on their partner irrespective of the  manipulation.That is why I encourage women both younger and older women to become independent,and at the same time dependent.Women should be able to work,make money to buy whatever she wants and take care of her family.A woman should be able to make her own decisions and  a man who takes advantage of your dependency on him isn’t worth your time.You don’t have to stay stuck up in such relationship.You are beautiful,you deserve much more than him and there’s more to your life,than to live miserably with an abuser.Move on and do better,move on and become better,there’s nothing to fear and eventually,you’ll either find someone that’ll appreciate and love you more,or become the independent strong woman that you are.Just move on,keep moving until you’re happy because that’s what relationships are for.To be happy.

Pls kindly share this blog,they are a lot of women going through silent abuse.We need to let the word out and set them free.Thanks

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