Personal development

Rocking your big “C”

The very certain advice you’d get wherever and whenever you find yourself among others is to be confident.Confidence is this drive and force that makes you feel good about yourself,your lifestyle and situations you find yourself in.It is an optimistic and natural feeling that makes us want to do more,be more.It comes to us at different stages of our life and it’s sucess depends on how we yield it.A skillful swordsman will never lose the battle and a man that knows how to use his confidence will always be successful.Even with all these some people still lack it,others have it but do not know how to yield it and some have used it to destroy themselves.I,at one point in my life have also lost my confidence and given in to low-self esteem from peers and friends.I made myself vulnerable to the point of breaking due to the fact that I couldn’t reach a certain level which my peers were at that time and peer pressure is one of the things that could ruin our confidence and self esteem.We all have our issues with a certain level of low self esteem due to our different insecurities and issues in life,Some  have successfully overcame them and others are still lingering in the deep abyss of it. Yes,it isn’t easy to overcome this and I can tell you for sure it would take a lot more than my words to bring you out of this but one thing you should always know is that you always have it in you.You’ve had it in you the whole time and all you just need to do is propel it to come out and shine through you.How do you do this,firstly by owning up to it,speaking up about it,staying away from negativity or negative people,meeting up with a professional about it,and trying your very best to change and come out of that abyss.You also have to feel good about yourself,love yourself,value yourself and say it to yourself over and over again that you can do it and even before you begin to realize it,you’ll feel great about yourself and you’ll feel the drive to live,to be better to take on challenges and achieve more.One thing to know for sure is that no matter what you are or how you appear to be,nothing looks better on you than your self confidence,so own it and live it.

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