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Hy dear readers,so I had the part one of this article posted last week and if you missed that here’s the link  and I also promised to update it to what I actually believe now about being beautiful in regards to accepting yourself and your body the way they are.I still believe that your personality truly defines who you are and that being beautiful still has a lot to do more of how you are on the inside that the outside(physical appearance).Still that doesn’t mean that how you look physically doesn’t matter.Alot of people have insecurities about how they look,I also have insecurities about how I look.I am not so tall as I want to be,I have this acne prone skin and have gotten acne’s even before i got into puberty,and I wish I had a bigger ass and was a lot more curvier.Sometimes i get into situations that gets me depressed over it and other times I feel proud about it just forget my insecurities.I keep on hearing it everytime on the tv,magazines,feminist,female body empowerment whatever say that we all should love ourself the way we are.They say that we all should embrace our flaws and rock it without giving a shit about what anyone says.I agree with them but to a certain point because this always dosent work for everybody.I cannot count how many times I told myself over again that i loved my height the way it is but only to find myself depressed over it anytime i come to the realization that my dream of becoming a runway model will never come alive or when i get into situations that makes me remember how short i was.I remember how i searched through the Internet and most of my google searches consisted of how to grow taller after puberty or grow taller pills or whatever they had. It took a while for me to finally accept my height and that’s because i just didn’t want to get depressed anymore and it was so exhausting.Yes,there is nothing i can do about it except surgery which is something i personally do not want to get involved in,but if they was another alternative,then maybe I would’ve taken it and now,all i just do is appreciate the height I have and use it to my advantage instead of sulking and working against it.All i am just trying to say is that not everybody can just accept it,some succeed,others do not.

Telling us to love our body the way it is,is just to some people an excuse to be lazy and depressed.Why stay at home,loving the big tummy you have when you can hit the gym and get those fat out?or why live with that small ass when you can work out to bring them out or even if you really want it and is comfortable with it,getting some surgeries done.Why do you have to live with that insecurity when you can change it..why?.The little girl in part 1 in a couple of years could get her teeth fixed or legs straighten,she dosent have to live that way forever if its something that affects her confidence or right to be happy.I am not saying for everyone to go get surgeries about every single flaw of their body because not everybody can afford it and not everyone is comfortable with it but if you have both,then why not do what makes you happy.You can workout to get there,eat healthy to get there..don’t just sit there and get depressed your whole life just because you’re following some cliche of loving your bod the way it is.I was telling my fat friend(yes I used the word fat)that she’s adding a lot of weight and is getting alot fatter but all she had to say was that she loved the way she was but I knew  how depressed she was when people laughed at her and knew she was just being lazy to hit the gym.I cannot count how many times I have seen that depressed and frustrated look in her face but still she holds on to this “cliche”.

You might have the best behavior,or personality but lack the confidence you ought to have just because of your body insecurities.So if you want it,go for it and do whatever makes you happy and i guess people refer to it now as body towards it and achieve your goals.Gain your confidence,improve in your personality and become a boss lady.I would also like to say that not everything can be changed and not every part of your body can be perfect.Its okay to have some flaws and some things you just have to accept.If there’s nothing you can do about it,or if it’s life threatening,just remember that all we do in this life is to feel better,live better and stay healty so it’s not worth it.Love yourself,love your body and do what makes you happy irregardless of what anyone says.

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