Hey there!

Hy!,welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.I was actually really confused starting this blog because firstly I had no idea on how to start one and secondly because I hadn’t decided on a topic yet.So one day,I came across a site writing how easy it was starting a blog for free and I was like hey,why not start one now?.So i followed the steps and got to the part where i got to create a site title and domain name and  then i paused and thought,what will my blog be all about?.Then after so much thinking and thinking,I decided to start a lifestyle blog  posting articles on the latest news on celebrities and giving the site a title related to that.Eventually I wasn’t feeling the blog because firstly I wasn’t really creative with it because I got the contents from other blogs and pasted it on my blog which was something I didn’t like because writing for me is a means of expressing myself and being creative and that’s something that I actually lacked with my previous blog which is deleted already btw.So I decided to start a new blog where I’ll be able to express myself more in a way that’ll also be of interest to my readers as well and I decided to open a blog in my name which is SEMIRAH.

If you made it to this paragraph,thanks and hope I didn’t bore you out with the long story of how I came about starting the blog.Now what is this blog all about?.This blog basically is a personal/lifestyle blog but more of a personal blog.Most articles are going to be about stuffs that I get inspired to write,stuffs that come straight from the heart,past experiences and also,so you don’t get extra bored,featured articles,contents,diys,reviews and other stuffs to keep you inspired,entertained and also to give you a reason to follow,comment and subscribe.kindly follow through with my blog,show some love and encouragement.That will be highly appreciated and FYI,to know more about the author which is me obviously,kindly check the about page.By the way,I’ll be posting every three days in week.Thanks and till my next post,adios.

3 comments on “Hey there!

  1. Welcome, to Word Press! I am fairly new to word press, too! My first Blog was back in August of this year. Don’t worry too much about content. Just follow your creative voice! The more you practice your blog muscles, the easier it will become to write blogs that are interesting to other people!


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